Cluster mode in 3DVA, cluster = trace?

Dear cryosparc users,
I have a brief question about the cluster mode in 3D variability display. In the interactive “Clustered Scatter Plot” it shows very nicely how cryosparc clusters your particles according to the 3DVA. But in the plots legend the “clusters” are not called clusters, but “traces”.
In my case I have a reconstructed map of cluster000 e.g. that shows me, that I would like to exclude the particles of this specific cluster for further processing. But when I look at the interactive 3D plot, I am pretty sure that trace 0 does not represent the particles of my cluster000.
Can I check somewhere which trace represents which cluster or is it actually supposed to be trace number = cluster number?
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. Definitely clusters and traces are not the same, and it would be VERY helpful if they were.

maybe someone from cryosparc team can comment on this? @spunjani

Has no one responded to this? Is there an answer elsewhere?

Hi @Eike, @mmiotto, @jenchem,

Apologies for the delayed response! We just looked into this – indeed, ‘traces’ are supposed to map 1-to-1 to clusters, but currently the legend in the interactive plot can be out of order from the job.

We’ll fix this in an upcoming release – each set of points will be labeled as ‘Cluster X’ and we’ll ensure it does indeed correspond to the Xth cluster! Thanks for catching this.


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Much appreciated!