Circular reference in job tree. Cannot layout



I am getting that message every time I start new job in job builder and when drag-and-drop parameters. It started in earlier versions in one of the workspaces, but now even creating a new workspace does not help, still getting these. What can I do to correct that?


Hi @mbs,

This seems to be an edge case with the algorithm that calculates how to layout the tree based on job inputs and outputs. As the error suggests, is there a job that uses it’s own output as an input? Does the error occur when you are viewing jobs in the card view as well?

- Suhail


Hi Suhail,
I actually do not see anything in tree view in that particular workspace. In card view I have 17 jobs displayed but nothing in tree view.


Hi Suhail again,
I do not see circular references in the project tree view, but from five workspaces if I go to individual workspaces, tree view displays jobs only in two oldest ones. I deleted one of the workspaces at some point because of that message, could that be the reason? Would it remember deleted workpspaces/jobs and keep that message forever? I do see it in card view, mostly when setting up a new job.


Hi @mbs,

We are looking into it and will update you when we have found the source of the issue.



Hi @sdawood,
One possibility is that once that is triggered, it will stay there forever.