Changing the owner without reinstalling

Dear cryosparc team,

I would like to change the owner of our cryosparc installation without reinstalling cryosparc i.e we have an installation under a user that will soon be leaving the lab and we would like to change the owner’s username to a new one without reinstalling. Is it possible to do so?


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Welcome to the forum @dmihaylov.
It is not impossible, but can be complex. If incominguser can legitimately take control of departinguser's account, incominguser could manage departinguser's account as a CryoSPARC “service account” going forward. If that is not an option, are cryosparc_master, cryosparc_worker, $CRYOSPARC_DB_PATH and all project directories owned by departinguser? Is $CRYOSPARC_CUDA_PATH readable (and executable, as applicable) for incominguser?
Then, after terminating all processes related to the CryoSPARC instance (including mongod processes), a suitably privileged user (root?) could
chown -R incominguser

  • cryosparc_master
  • cryosparc_worker
  • all project directories

so that incominguser can take control of the instance.
There are some subtleties to consider, such as (but not limited to):

  • group assignments and setgids
  • incominguser may be prevented from accessing network filesystems where departinguser wasn’t