Change T20S default input data path via cryosparc cli

I am running T20S job via cryosparc cli commands, it always downloads the input files it it does not find the data in this path “/bulk5/data/EMPIAR/10025/data/empiar_10025_subset/” . I would like to change this default path so that I can avoid the download in the each time. As I am running the T20s Jobs via cryosparc cli, so I am looking for solution to change the default input path with a cli command.

Praveen K V

Assuming the Extensive Workflow for T20s job type, you can change the input data path of the job after job creation, but before job queueing.
Assuming further that the movies and gain reference have already been unpacked in
and project and job IDs are P2 and J99, respectively, please run:

cryosparcm cli "job_set_param('P2', 'J99', 'blob_paths', '/some/path/empiar_10025_subset/*tif')"
cryosparcm cli "job_set_param('P2', 'J99', 'gainref_path', '/some/path/empiar_10025_subset/norm-amibox05-0.mrc')"
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@wtempel Thanks, It resolved my issue with job path. Thanks.