Cant run multiple workers/jobs at the same time

Dear all,

Previously we ran cryosparc by installing using command single workstation on our Lab PC. However we figured out that we can only run job at a time,then we decided to install cryosparc with multi workers; so that we can run multiple jobs at the same (I guess we can right/pardon me if I am wrong). All the installation went fine and also registered workers from the different user accounts by following bin/cryosparcw connect command. But interestingly I can run only one Job at a time.

Coomand used to connect wroker and master
bin/cryosparcw connect --worker reddem --master --port 39000 --ssdpath /home/software/cryoem/cryosparc_user/scratch/cryosparc_cache is the hostname
reddem is the Unix account holder from where I would like to run the cryosparc

Our workstation/PC has only 1 GPU available is that the reason ??.

Any ideas

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Hi @eswar909,

You’re correct, for jobs that are not interactive jobs (exposure curation, manual picker, select2d) and import jobs (import movies, import micrographs), you need at least 1 GPU per job.