Can't get the installation license


I have received the Request Confirmation email, but why can’t I receive the second email with the installation license?


Hi, I have run into similar situation. I got the request confirmation on June 20th, but have not received the installation email till now.
If any one can help take a look at it, I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks in advance.


Hi, exactly i got my installation email two days later, so your situation looks unusual. You can try another email address. In fact I received several installation emails with different email address. Hope it helps.


Hi @ms4392, we re-sent the license key to you. Please check your inbox and junk folder as it sometimes ends up there. Let us know if you run into any issues.

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Thanks for the help. Got the license key email.

I have received the Request Confirmation email, but i can’t receive the second email.
how can i solve this problem?


Hi, @spunjani .
I am conducting research and analysis using Cryo-EM in Ochang BIO-Lab, Electron Microscopy Research Group, Ochang-Center, Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI)
I have requested a license through the page, but I have not received it yet.
If possible, please check my request and send it via e-mail.

Full Name: Hyeongseop Jeong
Institution e-mail:
Institution: Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI), Ochang-Center
Lab: Ochang BIO-Lab, Electron Microscopy Research Center


Hi @hsJeong, I verified your request for a licence a couple of minutes ago, please do check your inbox and junk/spam folder and let me know either way whether you received it.
Thanks and I am sorry about the difficulty!

I’ve received the licence for installation. thank you so much


I have received the Confirmation email but without the installation license.
My institution Email :


Hi @wuzihan0510
Please confirm this has been revolved via our email exchange.

hi, @spunjani

could you also send me the email for installation? I actually got the installation email two weeks ago, but it does not work for now. (I could not install due to some issues on my computer). I noticed my account is gone away during the weeks so I registered again with the same email.