Can't find "Convert .cs to .star" Job type

This job type has been introduced in the documentation (, Our CryoSPARC installation was recently updated to v2.3, but I can’t find this job type, Is there something wrong with our installation? or this feature has not been released yet?
Convert .cs to .star
Description: Convert a cryoSPARC file .cs to a .star file.

Hi @bing,

The job type is actually not released yet - we will take it off the documentation until we deploy it in an upcoming release. Sorry about that - good catch!


@ali.h Could you let me know approximately when the job will be released?

I don’t want to spend more time on if it’s going to be available very soon. Thanks.

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Hi Ali,

To follow up on Daniel’s question from a couple of months ago, do you have an estimate of when the .cs to .star conversion will be implemented in the job builder?

Thanks in advance,


Hello @PVK, @DanielAsarnow, @bing,

Please refer to the update here: "Convert .cs to .star" Job Type Release Date