"Convert .cs to .star" Job Type Release Date

Hello! I am aware that while the Convert .cs to .star job type can be found in job references (https://cryosparc.com/docs/reference/jobs/) it has not yet been released. A previous thread asked for an estimate of when this job type will be released but did not get an answer.

Has anyone heard anything?


Hi @mebeans, we are working on this and aiming for a mid-Feb release date. In the meantime, you can use Daniel Asarnow’s pyem: https://github.com/asarnow/pyem

Hi @spunjani, I was just wondering if there is any update on when this functionality will be released. I (and others in my lab) have spent significant time trying and failing to get csparc2star.py to work on our system. Right now, we are stuck without any way of converting our .cs files and we are hoping that you can fix that for us. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Hi @JessicaB, what problem are you having?

Hi @DanielAsarnow. Thank you for reaching out! I think that it was some sort of python dependency issue. The old script worked for me, but the new one did not. In the end we were able to get access to a cluster over at Scripps that has a properly installed/functional script, so that is what we have been using. So now we are all good. Thank you so much!