Can't detect GPU-no gpu shows in UI

I found that my UI doesn’t show any GPUs like the pictures below,

There’s no GPU shows. So I can’t choose GPU to run jobs.

I use command cryosparc configure gpu list to detect gpu, but it said -bash: cryosparc: command not found . Does anybody know why? I installed the software on cluster. I think the path to cuda is right. But my software can’t show any gpu.

Hey @kortal,

Is it possible if you can restart cryoSPARC (cryosparcm restart) and try again?

This command is incorrect, in order to detect the GPUs available on a workstation you need to

  1. Log onto the machine (ssh <hostname>)
  2. Navigate to the cryosparc2_worker directory (cd cryosparc2_worker)
  3. Run the command: ./bin/cryosparcw gpulist

For more information, see the bottom of the section here: