Cannot visualize data set EMPIAR10065

Hi, sorry to bother again.

I am doing cryosparc test for data sets. However, this time I choose EMPIAR10065. It still does not work.

I fill in the voltage value, the pixel size and many values. It gives me a error "Key error: “cd”. I don’t know what is this value referred to?

EMPIAR10065 does not have .star file. It has .par file.

So I am wondering that maybe cryoSparc is not very compatible with other meta data file type like .emx or .par? We need use Relion to transfer them to .star type?

Second, the “show advanced parameter” button is not working very well. Are you guys still improving this problem?

The key error is Cs. This refers to spherical aberration (e.g. 2.7mm on a Krios).