Cannot set particles as input after importing from relion

Dear all,

I try to analyze particles that I have extracted with relion 4. The data have been recorded at focus and with phase-plate. A CTF-correction is therefore not possible.

Issue 1 [solved]:
“import particles” was not possible due to the missing ctf-values. I therefore added dummy values for
_rlnDefocusV and
to the file (each 0.0001).

With this updated star file I could successfully import the particles.

Issue 2:
I try to run a 2D classification but I cannot select any input particles. There is only the red “Min: 1, Max: Infinity, Repeats: no” field, but no possibility to actually select a file.
See attached image.

Thanks for your help


Hello @DarioSB,

Regarding your second issue, you could simply drag & drop the output of your Import Particles job to the input field in the job builder.

Jan-31-2022 11-05-35


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:smiley: I had to laugh at that one so badly. Thanks for the help and sorry for the stu** question

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No worries at all :grinning:, welcome to cryosparc GUI!

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