Cannot queue "Select 2D classes" job

When I queue “Select 2D Classes” job with cryosparcm v4.4.1 in a local workstation, I got a ServerError: enqueue job error. It briefly shows that the job is an interactive job and must be queued on the master node, and then the job returned to BUILD position.
I tried to restart the computer. Initially it worked for one day. Then it happened again. Even after reinstalling cryosparc, the problem is still the same. I tried many times, but occationally, the job can be queued. I have used this version of cryopsarc for several months, but only encountered this problem in the last two weeks.
I have seen a similar discussion of unable to queue interactive job, but those problems were solved by restarting. In contrast, my problem persists, so that I cannot proceed to do further analysis.

Hi @ychang ,

Thank you for reporting. Can you please try to reproduce this ensuring you can see the card in the main browse view? Given a job is selected and within view, you should be able to right click → ‘queue’ or press ‘Queue’ on the sidebar footer.

Hi, @sdawood, Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I can see the card in the main browse view? It said building. If I right click, it gives me a list of actions. If I go to Queue job>Queue on default, it just got the same problem: unable to queue the job: ServerError, and get back to the “Building” state. This problem started shortly after our collaborator started remotedly helping me to do some analysis for a different project. In one occation, when I couldn’t queue a job and it was back to Building state, he could queue the same job remotely.
BTW, I’ve got another problem recently. When I use local refinement, GPU gets to 88C degrees, then the GPU is lost in the nvidia-smi -l monitor, but local refinement clock is still counting and never finish. The computer cannot be restarted by clicking restart. I have to physically hold power button to shut it off and then turn it back on. But other refinements, such as heterogeneous refinement and non-uniform refinement are fine. I am not sure whether this problem is related to the problem of unable to queue interactive job, or whether it is hardware issue or software issue.

The workaround that I found was to go back and queue up my next job–so if my next job would be a 2D classification, I would start setting that up, then go back and queue up the Select class. After I did that, the select job would properly go onto the interactive queue. I still have this issue pop up every now and again, but for whatever reason, it’s not as prevalent as it was. We did restart CS a few times since then for other reasons, but we never had a solid fix for it.

@jrgib Thank you for sharing your trick to me. I have just tested it. It actually worked!! This can explain that occationally, I could get it through. But I was not able to figure out how it got through. At least for now, I can proceed to do further analysis before the bug is fixed.