Cannot download from external site - how can I install cryosparc?

I am located at a facility where we cannot use FTP to download from outside our site. This means that a significant portion of the code required for Cryosparc cannot be downloaded automatically during installation. We can manually drop the required files onto the host.

Are there any good ways to get around this requirement, and recommended ways to update the installer to use manually installed files?

Welcome to the forum @jaishima.
Outbound internet access for https requests from the computer that runs cryosparc_master process is a prerequisite. You may want to contact your local IT support for help with the necessary arrangements.

The part I am concerned about is installation, which requires downloading files using FTP from an external site, not https. https requests are permitted, so once the software is installed, license updated should not be a problem.

Thanks for looking into this!

Where in the installation process do you encounter a download via ftp?

Apologies, I was told it was cryosparc, but it was actually another package when I looked into copying log files to show which FTP commands were failing.