Cannot ab-initio GroEL data

Hi, I tried to use cryoSparc to ab-initilo the simulated data, GraoEL.

However, it seems that at the first step, visualizing, I failed.

Is there anybody can tell me why I cannot load the data?

Hi @Locher0107, it seems that you are missing the accelerating voltage either in the .star file or on the Dataset Configure page. You can add an accelerating voltage on the Dataset Configure page, which will override the value in the .star file (if any). Please let us know if this works.

Actually it does not work. The data is loaded, however it does not move on.

I added the voltage value 300 kv, which does not help.

By the way, the data set I used is EMPIAR10029, a simulated data. It does not have a .start file but emx file.

Wgh is the amplitude contrast.


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