Bug with arbitrary high motion in live mode

Hi @team,
sometimes when motion can not be determined reliably, e.g. on empty holes, CS live gives an arbitrarily high number (10^31).
In that cases, changing the threshold to exclude micrographs by motion is not possible any longer.
Is there a fix or patch around?


Hi Tarek - not a fix, but just as a workaround, you should still be able to exclude these mics by CTF fit, no? I would assume they would have very bad CTF fit resolution

Hi @olibclarke, good idea, that might usually work. However, I often see that motion is not reflected by the CTF, especially local motion on holey films.

hmmm - maybe relative ice thickness or intensity might help then, if it is specifically empty holes

maybe off topic here, but do you have good experience with the ice thickness filter?
I find it not useful at all, on an average (good) dataset it’s more or less a flat line.

I find it useful, just keep in mind what it represents - it is the ratio of the intensity (in the PS) of the ice ring band to regions either side (higher and lower resolution).

So for consistent, thin ice, it should be ~1. Anything higher than 1 indicates a significant ice ring… I often find a threshold of 1.1 or 1.2 good for excluding very thick ice regions.


Better choose your targets more carefully :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
thanks for sharing ideas, appreciate.

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Hi @tarek

If possible could you please share a screenshot of the overview tab showing the motion plot? I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to set a threshold regardless of the values.


No matter what I type into the threshold level, it will be discarded…