Bug in template picker - ignores filter resolution


There seems to be a bug in template picker where it ignores the user-selected resolution at which to filter the templates.

This was present in the last version and also in the latest, but not in older versions.

Here as an extreme example I have used projections of a 3.7Å hemoglobin map, and selected a filter res of 4 Å in template picker - no matter what I set it to it looks more like ~40Å in the log file.



The parameter you are referring to is the minimum resolution that the micrographs are filtered at. The templates are always filtered to 20 Å, so they will always appear at roughly the same resolution.


Thanks Louis,

Really? It definitely used to control the lowpass filter applied to the templates (maybe in v0?).

In that case this should prob be made more clear in the interface, as there is no indication that this pertains to the micrographs rather than the templates.

Hi Oli,

The template filtering parameter has been exposed to the user in cryoSPARC v3.3.0 released December 1, 2021. See: cryosparc.com/updates


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