Beam tilt refinement?




Are there any plans for CryoSPARC to support estimation and/or correction of beam tilt? This would be very helpful for datasets collected with image shift (or an imperfectly aligned scope).

Currently cryoSPARC seems to read _rlnBeamTilt values when importing a star file, but does not seem to use them in any corrections as far as I can tell.




I’d just like to echo Oli’s message and say that this would be quite helpful. For data with no beam tilt, it’s great to process in multiple programs, and cryoSPARC works amazingly well! However, any significant beam tilt and then I’m siloed into Relion because beam tilt correction gives such a boost in resolution.

One day I’ll have perfect data!



Hi @RickBaker @olibclarke,

We have been working hard on a completely rewritten cryosparc core computation module - mainly to deal with various signal processing issues, GPU memory requirements, inefficiencies, and expanding support for more advanced uses. Complex-valued CTFs (i.e. as caused by beam tilt) are supported by the new core, so we will soon be rolling this out! Our beam-tilt estimation tools need some work but correction at least should be possible very soon.



Awesome! Looking forward to it :slight_smile: