Basic query about cryosparcm icli

Hi all,

We have cryosparc v3.3 installed on our HPC, but the person who manages our HPC is not currently around, so we are a little unsure about how to use cryosparcm icli and how/where it might be installed.

If anyone could give some help with this basic query, it would be much appreciated!

Many thanks!

Welcome to the forum @tls .
The cryosparcm icli command is typically accessed on the CryoSPARC master computer by the Linux user under whose account CryoSPARC processes run. The command is available as part of any CryoSPARC installation. Depending on configuration, one may simply run
cryosparcm icli
or one may have to provide the path to the command:
/path/to/cryosparc_master/bin/cryosparcm icli
(modify path to match actual installation path on the CryoSPARC master computer).
Note that misuse of cryosparcm icli can damage the CryoSPARC installation and/or destroy valuable processing data.