AWS EC2 instance doesn't list all ops

Hi All experts,
I am running cryosparc V2.15.0 in an AWS EC2 instance with project directory in a r/w S3bucket. Everything works well except that I can not download outputs from 3DVA analysis (the message is " Failed - File incomplete). I have no problem downloading maps from refinement jobs.
So I tried export the 3DVA component files and thought that I can ssh into the instance and cp the files. But when I went into the project directory, it listed only 9 out of 124 jobs. Does anyone have the same experience?
How can I list all jobs or download the 3DVA outputs?

Thanks you so much.

By the way, I have another project running in the same EC2 instance.
I have yet running 3DVA in that project yet. But it listed all 102 jobs.
I will try 3DVA and see whether I can download the component zip files.


After further exploring I found out that jobs 10 to 124 were written into a totally different path (/data/xxxx/T2/P2) instead of the project directory I created, ie, cryosparc-output/P1 (where is J1 to J9 written to).
Is there anyway I can redirect cryosparc to where the files were written to or link the T2/P2 to the job directory (ie., cryosparc-output/P1) I created?

Hi @Ricky, I haven’t seen anything like this before, something weird is definitely going on here. To help further troubleshoot, please send me the following

  • A screenshot of the project details sidebar with the full project path in it, e.g.,
  • A listing of all the files and folders available in the project directory
  • The contents of the job_manifest.json file inside the project directory

Feel free to direct-message this information to me if there’s anything confidential.