"Average intensity" parameter in Curate micrographs not shown in column view


The new “average intensity” parameter in Curate micrographs is not shown in the columns view on the lefthand side, meaning it is not possible to sort the micrographs on this parameter and choose an appropriate threshold.

Secondly, with this parameter activated, clicking the relative ice thickness column caused the job to crash. After doing this once, re-opening the interactive GUI instantly causes it to quit every time.


You checked to compute the intensities, right? :slight_smile:

I can see the column, and sort by it. Maybe you need to try the update job types trick and make a fresh new curate job?

Typed input to at least all the lower threshold fields in the curation overview doesn’t work, though, and when the sliders are moved the scatter plot slowly cycles through gray and blue dots before the new selection takes hold. The display takes a long time to appear after changing browser tabs, as well.

Yes, I checked to compute the intensities (it took forever). It is showing in the graph, but not in the table.

I only other trick I have is refreshing the page without cache, ctrl-shift-R.

Creating a fresh curate job did the trick - works now.