AssertionError: Unsupported MRC datatype: 1053731218

Dear all,

I encoutner this error message while trying to run Ab Initio reconstruction on a set of particles.

This particles comes from a Select 2D after running Cryosparc Live on a batch of tif files, which did not encounter any problems. Surprisingly, if I run the exact same job, but do not use the SSD for cache (which was used for the 2D classification), the job runs normally (but slowly).

Where does this come from? We are running v3.3.1


Welcome to the forum @alexandre.durand. Cached particles may have been corrupted. Can you re-try the SSD-enabled job after deleting the cryoSPARC cache’s content?

Thanks for your answer. I have already tested that without any success. In addition, we have observed the very same problem with different dataset.

@alexandre.durand A possible next step is to compare (for a job that has failed in this manner), the particle files’ checksums between the “persistent” and the cached copies.
If there’s any suspicion that the device hosting the cache is failing, one could run tests provided by smartmontools or nvme-cli packages, depending on the type of the cache device.