Assertion Error!

I am trying run a new experiment for my test data. I use 1237 particle images, but assertion error exist at the beginning of my experiment, I attached the screen print. It is very kind of you give any suggestion. Thank you very much!


Hi @biohydrochen,

Can you send a screenshot of the configure page for this dataset?
The error is saying that your .star file contains particles that point to multiple different .mrc files, but for the ‘Image Data File’ input you’ve pointed to a single .mrc file (instead of a directory containing the multiple .mrc files).


Hi Ali,

Thank you for your reply!
I attached the screenshot here.
Thank you for your time!


Hi Ali,

I start running the dataset now, as I just load the .star file for meta and do nothing to the image file loading. The experiment seems work well so far. But I am not quite sure whether it is the correct way for the whole experiment. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Hi Ming,

Yes that should be correct. Just verify in the first lines of output from the experiment, you should see a line that reports the number of unique .mrc files loaded and the total number of particles being used. If this is correct (and there were no errors reported) then everything is as it should be.


Thank you for your information!
so, is this what your mean?
like: Loaded meta data for 1237 images.
Found raw data for 1237 images.

Yes, correct. That means 1237 images were found in your .star file, and are being used. This seems like a very small number though…

Exactly, those are only my program test images. I am just very fresh person in this area, so I am leaning.
But I have one more question here, for instance, if I have 10,000 micrographs for my raw data, and for some reason I have to treat those raw data separately (about 3000 graphs for each group) which means I will get about 3 groups of particle images and .star files. The question is how can I use 3 .star flies for all of my raw data information in a single cryosparc dataset? or I just can use only one .star file for a single dataset and experiment?