Are patches included in the "latest" downloaded archives?


(sorry if it’s a silly question, but I did’nt find a clear answer in the documentation)

The install documentation advices to download cryosparc master and worker archives like this:
curl -L$LICENSE_ID -o cryosparc_master.tar.gz
curl -L$LICENSE_ID -o cryosparc_worker.tar.gz

Obviously with those links we’ll end up withe the latest CryoSPARC release to date (currently it will be v4.2.1) but does it also include the latest patch for issued for that release? (currently it will be 230427)

Does a deployer needs to “check” for patches right after downloading/installing the release, or it’s garanted that the “latest” archives will always contain those patches?

Last but not least, is there a “link” do download a specific release with latest patches bundled?


Welcome to the forum Youssef.

Currently, patches are not included in the installation packages, and need to be applied after installation.
We took note of your suggestion regarding installation archives or an installation process that would already include the latest patch.

Hi, thank you for confirming what I was suspecting.
I’ll integrate a “patching” step to the install process then.
It would be nice indeed to have an archive that ships with the release as well as all patchs.