An error ocurred while checking license status during start up

Hi everyone,
I encountered the following error when starting cryosparc:

Starting cryoSPARC System master process..
CryoSPARC is not already running.
configuring database
    configuration complete
database: started
checkdb success
command_core: ERROR (spawn error)

and the return of the cryosparcm status command is as follows:

Current cryoSPARC version: v4.4.1

CryoSPARC process status:

app                              STOPPED   Not started
app_api                          STOPPED   Not started
app_api_dev                      STOPPED   Not started
command_core                     FATAL     unknown error making dispatchers for 'command_core': EACCES
command_rtp                      STOPPED   Not started
command_vis                      STOPPED   Not started
database                         RUNNING   pid 165417, uptime 0:00:09

An error ocurred while checking license status
Could not get license verification status. Are all CryoSPARC processes RUNNING?

When I check my connection with the cryosparc server using curl$LICENSE_ID, the result showed that my computer can get access to the cryosparc server.

Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this problem?

Welcome to the forum @aj123.
Please can you try if the issue can be resolved by a complete shutdown of CryoSPARC, followed by a CryoSPARC start, ensuring that CryoSPARC is being started under the Linux account that owns the cryosparc_master/ directory.
If the issue persists, please can you post the outputs of these commands:

cs_master_dir=/path/to/cryosparc_master # substitute actual path
mount | grep " $(df $cs_master_dir | tail -1 | awk '{print $NF}')"
ls -l ${cs_master_dir}/bin/cryosparcm
ls -al ${cs_master_dir}/run
ls -l /tmp/cryosparc*sock /tmp/mongo*sock
ps -eo user,pid,ppid,start,cmd | grep -e cryosparc_ -e mongo

Hi @wtempel :
Thank you for your reply! I solved the issue by re-installing cryosparc and removing the older one from my $PATH. However, I do believe that this issue originated from an incomplete shutdown of cryosparc followed by a computer reboot. I’ll try your advice next time if I could encounter this issue again.

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