All Users Accounts Lost


We are running cryoSPARC v3.2.0+211012. There was an issue with the hardware raid where cryosparc is installed. The raid issue has been resolved and cryoSPARC starts, no one can login. I ran this command:

cryosparcm listusers

and the list is blank. I do not have a backup of the database. Is there a repair function that can bring back the user list?

@hempat Depending on where the CRYOSPARC_DB_PATH in cryosparc_master/ points, the failure of your RAID may have affected the database more severely than the remainder of your cryoSPARC instance.
Do determine the extent of damage to the database, you may try additional commands like:
cryosparcm cli "list_projects()"
cryosparcm cli "get_scheduler_lanes()"
What output do these commands produce?
What does your database log
cryosparcm log database | less

For both commands, I get nothing:


@hempat You would see [] if, for example, for some reason CRYOSPARC_DB_PATH pointed to an (initially) empty directory. That empty directory would, after a cryoSPARC startup, be filled with database-related files even if the database is still essentially empty.
Before initiating the process of partially restoring your instance’s database via import of (hopefully still intact) project directories, you may want to confirm that the old database isn’t “hidden” somewhere. Some possibilities, particularly given hardware troubles and subsequent interventions:

  1. The mount point of the volume that holds the database has changed or CRYOSPARC_DB_PATH is pointing to the wrong directory for other reasons.
  2. Another volume has been mounted “on top of” the old database volume or database directory.