After updating to v4.4, a prompt appears when running the 2D Classification task

Hello, after I updated the service from v4.2.1-230403 to v4.4, the following warning appeared when the user ran the 2D Classification task. I would like to ask whether this warning affects subsequent work, and is it a problem caused by the update?

Could not find micrograph pixel size in particle's locations. Will assume particle image pixel size is equal to micrograph pixel size! Note that if particles were downsampled, this will be false, and remove duplicates will use an incorrect distance scale.

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Hi @zhenyuanliu,

Thanks for the report. This is indicative of a bug fix that was added in v4.4, fixed with a metadata addition. If you see this message, the behaviour has not changed since v4.3, however it means that the metadata added in v4.4 was not found. This is currently an issue that we’re investigating, and is being discussed in this thread: 2D-classification error of invalid values detected in location/micrographs_psize_A

If you notice obtaining the same AssertionError: Invalid values (zeroes) detected in location/micrograph_psize_A in 2D classification or in remove duplicate particles, please do let us know on that thread and we will contact you about obtaining cs files to help us find the fix.


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