Admin can't view all users workspaces


I’m the only admin user on our lab’s instance of cryosparc but, for some reason, I’m unable to view ALL of the projects in the projects display. This project was created by a non-admin user.

The only way I can access the project in question is to go through Job History which lets me see the jobs of the project and then access the project and it’s workspaces.

The project is not deleted because when I run:
db.workspaces.findOne({ project_uid: 'P12', uid: 'W5' }, { project_uid: 1, uid: 1, deleted: 1 })

it returns the following:
{ "_id" : ObjectId("5f2ffda3b3e8260c54df6133"), "project_uid" : "P12", "deleted" : false, "uid" : "W5" }

Any suggestions or ideas why this might be happening?

Hi @gageoleighton,

Just to confirm, is it the project or the workspace that you cannot see? To check for a specific project, use this query:

db.projects.findOne( uid: 'P12' })

If deleted: true, then the project has been marked as deleted and it would make sense that it’s not available to see.

If it’s not marked as deleted, could you please let me know if there are any errors in the browser console when you navigate to the projects/workspaces page? You can get to it by right clicking on the window, ‘Inspect’/‘Inspect element’, then click on the ‘Console’ tab.


Thanks for the reply @sdawood!

Looks like the project is marked as deleted. Any way to “undelete” it?
I hope it’s as easy as setting the mongo tag as ‘false’

Also, no errors in the project/workspaces page but some css warning about misplaced < in json. Probably not concerning in the least :yum:


Hi @gageoleighton,

Yes, by setting deleted: false using a MongoDB command, it will become visible in the UI. However, if the project was deleted through the UI, any project data would be removed; only the metadata/MongoDB documents of the project, workspaces and jobs would remain.

- Suhail

Thanks, @sdawood the project is now visible and still working fine!

For anyone reading this in the future the command is
db.projects.update({ uid: 'P12' }, { $set: { deleted: false } })