Add cache/SSD after standalone install


I recently installed standalone cryosparc v2 and used the --nossd option.
Now, I added a SSD and would like to update my installation to make it work.
How would I be able to do this? Could I just reinstall and would I lose anything if I did?


I believe it would simply be to add an environment variable somewhere

Hi @Jocoz,

If you would like to update the worker’s configuration, navigate to the cryosparc2_worker directory, then run the command:
bin/cryosparcw connect --master <cryosparc master hostname> --worker <worker hostname (for a standalone instance, this is the same as the master hostname)> --port <port #> --update --ssdpath <path to r/w directory on ssd>

From :

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Thank you very much. I was missing a few arguments when I initially tried it. Now it worked!

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