Access project files on new GPU workstation

Dear Cryosparc v2 users,

I am planning to install the cryosparc v2 on a new GPU workstation and move all the old projects to this new GPU machine. Will I still be able to access old the files as they were on the old GPU workstation? Is there anything that I need to pay attention to? Thanks!

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Hi @wxh180,

Currently, are your project directories stored on the old GPU workstation directly, or on a remote/network disk? Migration will be much simpler if the projects are on a remote/network disk that is mounted at the same path on the new GPU workstation, but it can be done in either case.

Before you do anything else, please be sure to cryosparcm stop and make a backup copy of your current cryoSPARC database (you can find the location of the database by looking for CRYOSPARC_DB_PATH in the output of cryosparcm status)

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Hi @apunjani,

We are just about to start the migration. The project directories are stored on the old GPU workstation. When we transfer these directories to the new GPU workstation, how to import it into the new database?

We did start to put project directories on the network disk after your suggestion, but still have some old project directories needed to be transferred.

Please let me know if additional information is needed.


Find the well-described procedures in the new update:

Thanks! @apunjani