Academic licensing

browsing through the cryosparc files I found that the license I received is just valid until April 1st. What is going to happen after this date? Will it be extended? Will more licenses (i.e. for more machines) become freely available for academics? I am a bit worried of a scenario where one gets acquainted to the software and finally cannot use it any more because of financial issues!
Thanks, Dieter

Hi Dieter,
CryoSPARC will remain free for individual academic use for the foreseeable future. So you don’t have to worry about not having access to it down the line. The only reason for the April 1 date that you saw is that we like to build in expiry dates for versions of cryoSPARC to make sure that people upgrade to the latest versions as they are released. This helps us by making sure we don’t have to support multiple older versions along with the latest. You’ll see that April 1 date continue to move into the future with new versions.

Hope that answers your questions,

Hi Apunjani,
thanks, but will it be possible in the future to run several machines with the same or additional (academic) licensies?


So we’ve now passed April 1 and I need to update the license. I tried doing a “~/bin/cryosparc update” which indeed updates the cryoSPARC version but the license didn’t appear to be updated. The timestamp on ~/activate/license_recent.txt remained unchanged and its contents still show that the license will expire on April 1.

What is the best way to update the license for an existing installation?



Hi Steve,

All academic licenses have already been extended actually, so if you simply run a job, everything should work fine (licenses are checked when jobs are run, not otherwise)

Hope this helps,


We’re still having trouble getting cryoSPARC to recognize our license as valid. We’re getting an error that states:
“Hardware is not registered”

Is there a way to re-register our installation? I have already upgraded to version 3.9 of cryoSPARC.


Hi Steve, I’ve sent you an email to resolve this, should be fixed now.

Great! I’ll have the users give it a try now.


Sorry to drag this issue up, but we’re having the same issues as well after upgrading to 0.4.0.
Can I have a way to solve this? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Jafaruddin,

Just to confirm, you’re getting a “Hardware is not registered” message?

You can resolve this by deactivating and reactivating your hardware: Floating a license


Hi @jafar, please confirm that everything is working now.

Yeah looks like re-registering it manually works :slight_smile: