A 3D variability job marked as failed but the worker process is still running


I’m running a 3D variability job, and I can see its progress in the overview tab in web app, but it is marked as failed.


cryoSPARC process status looks fine.

> cryosparcm status
CryoSPARC System master node installed at
Current cryoSPARC version: v3.2.0+210803

CryoSPARC process status:

app                              RUNNING   pid 25694, uptime 1 day, 1:49:31
app_dev                          STOPPED   Not started
command_core                     RUNNING   pid 25588, uptime 1 day, 1:49:47
command_rtp                      RUNNING   pid 25650, uptime 1 day, 1:49:41
command_vis                      RUNNING   pid 25632, uptime 1 day, 1:49:43
database                         RUNNING   pid 25471, uptime 1 day, 1:49:51
liveapp                          RUNNING   pid 25715, uptime 1 day, 1:49:29
liveapp_dev                      STOPPED   Not started
webapp                           RUNNING   pid 25686, uptime 1 day, 1:49:32
webapp_dev                       STOPPED   Not started


Hi @kttn were you able to get this resolved? If not, can you get the full job log with the following command:

cryosparcm joblog P3 J209 > job.log

Then post the contents of the newly-generated job.log file.

Hi @nfrasser,
The status has changed to COMPLETED, although I don’t know why.
Maybe because I have rebooted the master process and the server itself to solve other issues?

@kttn I can help further troubleshoot this if you send me the job log, as indicated. Does the command I sent work?