(4.5.1) RBMC: EER Handling

Following from the post by @serena (Several suggestions - #10 by serena) regarding EER upsampling in RBMC, I don’t see an upsampling option available. I do see a fractionation option though. Is it mis-labelled or am I missing something?

Screenshot from 2024-05-09 11-17-22

I’m not so fussed about a re-fractionate option (although it is nice) but I’m much more interested in variable scaling. :smiley:

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Hi @rbs_sci,

Request recorded. The feature that was introduced in 4.5 is indeed fractionation, as labelled. We updated the comment in the thread you linked to correct the confusion.

– Harris


Grand, cheers, @hsnyder! :smiley:

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