3DVA particles output

Hi, everyone! I have a question. How can I use the particles of one class in the 3DVA Display? I didn’t know whether each map in the series was generated with specific particles, just like one kind of focused 3D classification. In my job, I found that in the first component, several of maps in the series(30 frames in 3DVA display) have good quality in the flexible region. And I wanted to use particles that generated these maps to do further refinement. I did not know how to do this. Can someone tell me?

I did not know the effect of 3DVA. Was it one kind of “3D Classification” or to explain the flexible. I mean if it was the former, we can get the particles of each map in 1 frame in 1 component.

I am so sorry. I found the solution by myself. You can use the “cluster” mode rather than “simple” mode in 3DVA Display job. Then you can get every cluster particles.

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