3DVA - Intermediate particles


I’ve tried using the option in 3D variability display for intermediates with outputting particle subsets (version 3.3.1). This is a handy add-on and works fine for component 0 of the 4 that I have but I am most interested in component 3. When I specify “only use these components: 3” it says:

[CPU: 822.8 MB] Found 4 components ([‘component_0’ ‘component_1’ ‘component_2’ ‘component_3’]) from input

[CPU: 822.8 MB] Filtering components. Using 1 components with keys: ([‘component_3’])

which suggests it is doing the right thing, but the histogram shown looks like component 0, and the output particle subsets look like component 0 (0 and 3 are quite different and cannot be mistaken).

If I do not specify the component I desire, then the output particle series frames are only for series 0, but it also shows the histograms for components 1,2 & 3 without giving any series frames for them.

How can I get particle subsets for the frames from components 1,2 or 3?

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edit - I found if I don’t filter by component and specify “Intermediates: output particle component:3” then it does give me the frames that I am after, in case anyone else has difficulty with this.

Hi @Hbridges,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This is indeed a bug – we were not filtering the coordinate values appropriately. Sorry about that! A fix is in the works and should be out for the next patch.


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