3DVA display Movie frames to particle set

Hi- I ran 3dva display simple movies using one Variability Component (say 0), and found some frames very interesting - say frames 6,7 out of 10 frames. Can I find the particle set that correspond to frames 6&7.
I did run Display Cluster mode with 10 clusters. Not sure if these 10 clusters directly maps the above 10 frames of the movie (i.e., frame 6 vs cluster 6)
Thanks for your suggestions.

You want intermediates mode, not cluster - this will do what you want (select the option to output particle sets for each frame)

Thanks a lot @olibclarke for your quick and helpful reply.

Hi @olibclarke
on a similar case, is it output the particles from the first 10 frames and merge them for NU refinement afterwards? I guess I have to curate duplicates as if I remember well the windows are sliding and thus covering each other thus using the same particles for 2 maps.

No - you can set the window to 0 (and I usually would), and then you won’t have to remove dups