3D variability error


I would like to try the 3D variability job in cryosparc.

We updated the Cryosparc to v2.9.

We followed the error messages which come out from the 3D variability job.

Step by step, we installed the CUDA 10 and updated the driver to the latest version: 4.30.

Here is the error messages in below:

Thank you!

Hi @chengjinzhu,

Did you re-install pycuda?
If you didn’t, run these commands in order:

cd cryosparc2_worker
eval $(./bin/cryosparcw env)
pip uninstall pycuda
pip install deps_bundle/python/python_packages/pip_packages/pycuda-2018.1.1.tar.gz --no-cache-dir 

Hello again,
Thank you for the answer.