3D Variability Analysis:Record Movie

Hi all,
I tried to record movie following the tutorial https://cryosparc.com/docs/tutorials/3d-variability-analysis, everything is ok until I got an error:image
I continued to finish the process, but the mpg file I got cannot be opened by both players

Any ideas or feedback would be helpful and appreciated!

Just Baidu, Google, Bing. It is not a cryosparc problem.

@Soothing Have you tried the tutorial? And everything is ok? Cause I am not sure where is the problem, chimera command or player. and what’s the function of command ’ vseries open *.mrc’?

Hi @Lulu, the vseries open *.mrc command is trying to open the .mrc files that you would have downloaded as the output of “3DVA Display” jobs.
You would have downloaded a .zip file, and if you decompress that, you will find inside a series of .mrc files.
You should replace
vseries open *.mrc
with the correct path to your downloaded series. So for example:
vseries open ~/Downloads/cryosparc_PXX_JYY/*.mrc

This wil actually open the right files, and then the rest of the command will create the movie.

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