3D variability analysis output options missing?


The 3D variability display job has several output modes - simple, cluster, endpoints and intermediates. These mostly sound self explanatory, and I am assuming the “endpoints” and “cluster” modes will be good starting points to generate volumes for classification of discrete heterogeneity. However, whenever I run a job with any output mode other than “simple”, I get an “Assertion error: not implemented yet” message. Just posting here in case these have in fact been implemented, but just not wired up to the relevant functions.


Hi @olibclarke thanks for posting – all modes other than “simple” are not yet implemented and are forthcoming!

@olibclarke your interpretation of the modes and their uses is correct. The non-simple modes were not quite ready to go when we released 2.9 so the implementations in the code are not hooked up with the job params, but will be ready soon!

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