3D refinement working well in older version but doesn't work in version v4


I met an issue when running the new version cryoSPARC v4. The same cluster of particles can be reached to the resolution of 3.2Å after running the non-uniform refinement in previous version cryoSPARC before, however, it’s strange that the iteration stopped very ealier (3-4 iterations, in contrast to 13-14 iterations before) and resolution I get is 6.5 Å when I run these same particles in the nonuniform refinement in cryoSPARC v4. Same problem happened in another dataset that can be resolved quite good by running non-uniform refinement in the older version. Very appreciated for any explanation and suggestions.

Welcome to the forum @Peng.
Do you still have available an “original” NU-refinement job:

  • that ran on the mentioned previous version of CryoSPARC and reached 3.2 Å resolution.
  • whose upstream inputs have not been overwritten (for example by clearing and re-running upstream jobs that provided input for the original NU-refinement)

I you do, please can you

  1. clone the “original” job
  2. run the cloned job on CryoSPARC v4
  3. email us the job reports of the “original” and cloned jobs.