3D classification requires unique volumes


When I try to initialize 3D classification with a mixture of unique and non-unique volumes - e.g. 2 copies of each of 7 classes from heterorefinement, for example - I get the attached error.

Is there any reason for this restriction? When using relion we routinely seed classification without alignments with identica input classes.


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have you tried multireference input star of the same volume in relion? i find it populates one of them completely and the other(s) not at all for each reference identity. K classes I think is different, it slightly changes the input models so they don’t have identical probability.

Hey @olibclarke,

Thanks for flagging this! You’re right that this probably shouldn’t be a restriction – we are looking into it and will adjust in a future release.

Note that the current way we check for ‘uniqueness’ is via the path to the volume’s mrc file. So one potential workaround is to first backproject a number of (identical) volumes by cloning a bunch of Homogeneous Reconstruction Only jobs with the same particle sets, and then to pipe those volumes into 3D class.