3D classification output data every F-EM


I’m really enjoying the new convergence criterion parameter in cryosparc v4.0.0 3D classification job. It makes more sense than manually specifying the number of F-EM iterations.

However, it’s sometimes difficult to know what % convergence criteria to set and if it is too low then the job can take much longer to complete, sometimes even weeks. In that scenario I would like to be able to kill the job but save the volumes from the previously completed iteration so that I don’t have to start the classification all over from the beginning.

Could we have an option in the 3D classification job to output volumes and particles with every completed F-EM iteration, saving only the volumes and particles from the previoualy completed iteration?


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Hi Chad,

This feature should at least in part already be at you fingertips: If you Show advanced parameters
you should find the toggle toward the bottom of the parameter list.

Once the toggle is enabled, you should be able to kill the job after an iteration is complete, mark the job as completed, and access the latest preliminary results. Have you already found that toggle, but are concerned about the amount of data generated?


Ah, woops, thank you! Nope, I hadn’t realized this was already a setting, my bad.

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