3D classification - combine similar classes?


Thinking about the new 3D-classifcation (beta) job. Now that we can use 100 classes in a single classification, might it be possible to add a parameter to intelligently combine similar classes?

I am thinking either (A) based on particle flow - if at convergence, two classes are exchanging particles with each other, but not with other classes, they may effectively be one class and/or (B) based on real space correlation - allowing the user to automatically combine classes if they have pairwise correlation values above a certain threshold.

This would be useful because it would allow users to use large initial numbers of classes, in order not to miss small classes with significant changes, but not have to wade through analyzing 100 classes individually.



Hey @olibclarke ā€“ apologies for the delayed response on this! Both ideas noted. With respect to B), have you used the Rebalance 2D Classes (BETA) job? It does something very similar but in 2D.

Yes I have, that is what I was thinking about, but in 3Dā€¦

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