2Dclassification "Force Max over poses/shifts" sometimes unchecked as default

There’s a small bug that I’ve encountered every once in a while, I think since the beginning of v2.0.

Sometimes when starting 2D classification, the box “Force Max over poses/shifts” is automatically unchecked when I did not change it. It’s obvious in the classes so I just kill it and run again. But you have to watch out for this.

Yeah I’ve seen the same thing (Force max parameter randomly changes [bug]), can confirm

Hi @user123 @olibclarke,
The 2D classification job builder does have logic to change “force max” to off when the number of classes is set to 10 or less. Any chance that explains it?

Hi @apunjani

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this with more than 10 classes but I can’t 100% confirm that.

But in any case if defaults change depending on the number of classes, it might be worth having a pop up or some other message to indicate that, otherwise it just appears to be a bug at first glance


Hi apunjani,

I can confirm it happens with 20 classes in a cloned job. The only other setting deliberately changed from default was GPU’s used = 2.

Double checking the code, it’s actually at 20 classes (or fewer) that the force max option turns off by default!

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