2D classification job doesn't end

I’m running a 2D classification job in cryosparc 3.1.
The job shows iteration 20 is over (the number asked) but is stuck at compiling the output (log appended below).

The output cryosparc_P12_J25_020_particles.cs seems large enough to fit with a finished job, but the job has been idle for 3-4 days, showing that it is running but nothing happens. “Top” and “nvidia-smi” show no activity.
We can’t queue any job or start another one until I kill this one.

Can I queue a “select 2D” job from the “J25.class_averages.blob” in the output ?

Thanks for your help.

Log of the Overview window:
[CPU: 12.52 GB] Done Full Iteration 20 took 12408.507s for 6589675 images

[CPU: 13.99 GB] Full class2D run took 19080.086s

[CPU: 12.32 GB] --------------------------------------------------------------

[CPU: 12.32 GB] Compiling job outputs…

[CPU: 12.32 GB] Passing through outputs for output group particles from input group particles

A correction to my post: I was running cryosparc 3.0.
Upgrade to 3.1, restarting the workstation and cryosparc fixed the problem.

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