2D Class results without particle info

the PDF file for 2D class tiled image download present within the event log used to lack particle count and class resolution text (in green), whereas PNG file contained it. This was a nice way to include or exclude that data from the image, but now they both have writing on the image. Besides topics about “high resolution 2D image download”, is there an easy way to go back to a blank image for optimal data viewing without distracting text?

another option is that 2D selection job does not include the labels in these images, but by default it doesn’t order the classes by particle count any more, which would be required.

The PDF file is a vector file - you can load it into your vector graphics software of choice (e.g. Illustrator, Inkscape, Affinity Designer) and ungroup and remove text, rearrange classes, etc


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In illustrator: Click 1 class in the middle, “select” all same appearance, “select” inverse, delete. thanks Oli!

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