Zero intensity in patch CTF estimation

I am running CS v2.15.0.
I imported mortion corrected micrographs from MortionCOR2 in relion; followed by patch CTF estimation in CS. The CTF job has finished successfully, but the intensities are zero as shown on the exposure curation. Could anyone help me with it? Please let me know if any more information is required.

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I tested 10 imported motion corrected (MotionCor2) micrographs by CTFFIND4 in CS. The thon rings and CTF plot looks alright. The intensity column is still zero.

I tested the same 10 impoted micrographs by patch CTF estimation in CS. The thon rings look very odd.

I also tested 10 original movies: MotionCor2 then patch CTF, the thon rings look very odd.

I checked the T20S tutorial dataset, patch motion corretion plus patch CTF estimation, had intensity numbers.

So I wonder patch CTF would need patch motion correction micrograghs as input?

(Our hardware can’t run patch motion correction. So I am trying to walk around to generate or import pre-processed micrographs to CS).

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi @yy314, can you please send us a screenshot of the thon ring images that look odd so we can further understand?


I am having the same issue with the intensity column zero after ctf estimation - micrographs imported from motioncor2 in relion. Any suggestions .