Will topaz train job rescale the particles' location?

Hi, everyone,

I am using the downsampling factor 4 in Topaz Train, and I find it warns as below. I wonder if this would lead that the model based on bin4 images and bin1 particles would be aborted or useless finally.

If so, is there any job can update the particles’ location to bin4? I appreciate any discuss here.

Hi @hemomona,

I am wondering if this is a similarly related issue to a previous post? What processing steps did you do previous to this TOPAZ train job? Its best to ensure that the particles you are using are from the micrographs you connect to the job and that the micrographs in the TOPAZ preprocess directory are not from a previous TOPAZ train/extract job where the binning of the micrograph has changed.


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Hi, thanks for your reply.

You are right, the problem occurs when I give the wrong “Absolute path of directory containing preprocessed directory”, and so the Topaz Train Job would be aborted as I was worried.

After I delete the path, everything is fine.

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