Why NCC score is larger than 1?

Hi everyone, I’m a fresh guy in cryo-em filed. Recently I tried to process the data collected from Arctica 200kv em machine, one image is like this

After the job of Patch Motion, Patch CTF, Blob Picker, I inspected the picked particle. However, it shows the NCC score is larger than 1 for many particles, like this

, And the no useful information for 2D classification.

Does anyone have suggestions why this happen? Thank you!

Sorry can’t answer the question directly. But… lots of ice contamination try to keep your liquid nitrogen fresh from air always, maybe this is carbon grids consider gold. Picking seems not great, try manual pick 50 particles then 2D class with 2 class then template pick with both classes. Box size seems ok?, you can see box directly on your image in “inspect picks” job, box should be ~150% particle as a starting point. Maybe sample is heterogeneous, use many many particles and try for 150-200 classes. Don’t do binning of particles in cryosparc. The thumbnail for particles seems ok for many parameters except the particles are fuzzy