Where is the image stacks file after 2D selected job?

Hi all:
If we do 2D classification, we well get some .mrc files of each iteration which contain all classes, but after select good classes, the output folder contains only some .cs/.csg files instead of .mrc image stacks. How I can get stack file contain selected good classes?


Class selection does not generate image-stacks, rather only the metadata relating to the subset of image indexes. The image stacks themselves can be traced back to e.g. an extraction or import job. If you wish to reconstitute stacks containing only the selected particle images, you can put your selection output through Downsample Particles making sure to leave the cropping/resolution filter options disabled.


I would like to complement @leetleyang’s excellent suggestion. In case you are interested in stacks of selected templates: with CryoSPARC v4.1 or newer, the job directory of a successful 2D class selection job contains a templates_selected.mrc file.

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I will try it, thanks for your suggestion!