When i run topaz train, it report something wrong, and it keeps running but no result

UserWarning: The given NumPy array is not writeable, and PyTorch does not support non-writeable tensors. This means you can write to the underlying (supposedly non-writeable) NumPy array using the tensor. You may want to copy the array to protect its data or make it writeable before converting it to a tensor. This type of warning will be suppressed for the rest of this program. (Triggered internally at /tmp/pip-req-build-vflcj7wg/torch/csrc/utils/tensor_numpy.cpp:180.)

This error is normal. When you say it keeps running but no result, how long for, and what are the inputs (number of particles and micrographs for training)?

This is normal. The run should produce results. You need to check the number of micrographs for this. The more it is more time it’ll take.

@nnp Please post the text from the Event Log of the training job beginning at

Starting training…